Friday, April 14, 2006

Victim of an Academic fraud....

Well I came across something while reading this blog . The author (blogger rather) is a professor Dr. Douglas Natelson who works in almost the same research area as that of mine. I sometimes visit his blog as i find it really interesting. Now the thing which i am talking about is the issue of the retracted journal articles. You might be wondering what that is.

A retracted journal article is an article which has been revoked by the journal upon finding something odd ( fake data, miscalculations, etc. etc. .. ) in the article after it has been published.

I think that you must visit professor Natelson's blog to find out more about it. Or you can directly go to this page to read about the thing i am talking about :

I had read some of these retracted papers during the literature review for my research work and before today I was taking it as a benchmark. By 'it' i mean the results published in these papers. Seems like i would have to go through the papers again so that i can clear my misconceptions a little. It was also a surprise coz. today itself i was engaged in an engrossing conversation with a guy from ECE department and we had come to the conclusion that the results published in the journal articles ( or Papers more popularly) must always be taken with a pinch of salt. Well Its been one of those days when you suddenly realize something and leap out of the iterative loop of misconceptions.

Thank you Prof. Natelson for your enlightening blog (also cursing you for not writing it 3-4 months before :D).

The worst part is that I will have to waste some time to go back and throw out the junk imprinted on my mind from these papers. Not that the world has fell apart around me but certainly its a setback.


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